Email Marketing:
The Naked Monkey



The Problem:

The Naked Monkey had great luck capturing phone numbers from clients to enroll in their text message-marketing program, but had zero luck capturing their emails for their email marketing efforts. Their receptionists at all locations have heard every excuse in the book as to why the person didn’t want to give their email.


The Solution:

We placed a pop-up box on their website’s homepage offering a “$10 off their next visit” coupon. Once someone filled out their name and email and submitted the form, an email was automatically sent to their email address with the coupon. The person could either print or show the email during their next visit to redeem the offer.


The Outcome:

Within 4 weeks, 509 people have entered their email in the form in exchange for the $10 off coupon. Since the start of the coupon, The Naked Monkey has seen a sharp increase in overall sales. Not only did their sales increase, but now their email marketing list has over 500 people that they can continue to market to and the list continues to grow every day. Who says you can’t get people to give you their email address?