Email Marketing: Cityoga

The Problem:

City Yoga, like many yoga studios, struggled with repeat business. Customers would come once, but would never return. This is really no fault of the studio. There are a million reasons why someone doesn’t go back to a health and wellness facility. When was the last time you consistently went to the gym?


The Solution:

When someone dropped in (paid for a one time class) to the studio for the first time, they were added to a “first time” campaign which triggered 3 emails over 7 days encouraging them to return by using a special deal, unlimited yoga for one month for only $38. They had just spent $16 for one class. It was an incredible offer.

In addition to the first time campaign, we also created several “win back” campaigns for those who haven’t returned to the studio in months. We grouped customers by the amount of time it’s been since they’ve returned to the studio, 3, 6, and 9 months. A total of 3 emails were sent to each group offering them a percentage off a package of classes if they return to the studio.


The Outcome:

On average the win back campaigns saw an open rate of 45%, which is roughly 20-25% higher than the industry standard for the health and wellness industry. Both campaigns, the first time and win back, generated over $1300 for the studio in one month. Many of those conversions came from customers who hadn’t returned to the studio in 6 or more months.